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Pre-Workout Stack


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6 in stock (can be backordered)

Pre-Workout Stack

Iron Forged Nutrition Contraband Black Series

Iron Forged Nutrition Contraband Black Series Envelope yourself in the aura of contraband. Bask in the feeling of the skin splitting pump you maintain throughout your workout, no half assed pumps here. Combine that with your hard work in your diet for nasty vascularity. One of the ultimate pre workout experiences you will ever get.  While Contraband is designed for an insane pump and not at the level of intensity illicit brings to the table that doesn’t mean you

Newly Revamped Contraband with an explosive pump in mind, if you can’t get swelled up from this formula you really need to check your diet. As always still delivering that insane focus contraband users are known to love without the dreaded crash. Enjoy

L-Citrulline- helping boost nitric-oxide levels which dilate your blood vessels allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be shuttled to your muscles. It also plays a role in the removal of ammonia and lactic acid a compound known to cause exercise-related fatigue allowing you to last longer in the gym.

Taurine- Taurine has several critical functions acting similar to creatine by cellular expansion which helps the muscle cell itself hold more water increasing cell volume. For a lifter or bodybuilder this is huge because expanded muscle cells can boost hydration resulting in an elevated rate of protein synthesis and bodybuilders will like the increased muscle fullness.

Glucoronolactone- Known to supply energy and feelings of wellbeing, clinically proven to reduce sleepiness and sleep-related driving incidents and is widely known to improve mental performance reaction time concentration and memory.

L-Tyrosine- L-tyrosine may help avoid overtraining due to its ability to offset fatigue. Because L-tyrosine is a precursor of Dopamine supplementing with L-tyrosine can heighten mental acuity promote a better overall sense of wellbeing decrease feelings of depression and offset physical and CNS fatigue

Caffeine Anhydrous- Caffeine used as a performance aid. It delivers positive effects on performance as increased energy levels reaction times and alertness and improvements in endurance. Allowing the trainer to push past normal levels of intensity and fatigue by stimulating the CNS

Theobromine– Similar to caffeine in effects. Theobromine serves as a vasodilator has a very mild diuretic possibly causing a slight increase in urination and stimulant increasing norepinephrine release elevating heart rate body temperature and CNS Function.

Amentoflavone- Known for its ability to enhance strength. Amentoflavone is proven to help fat loss and improve insulin sensitivity making it a versatile compound for bulking or cutting applications. In addition, Amentoflavone is a PDE-5 inhibitor which is a highly known mechanism of vasodilatation for a crazy pump.
Iron Forged Nutrition Contraband Black Series
Supplement Facts
Servings Size 1 Rounded Scoop
Servings Per Bottle:30

L-Citrulline 6000mg
Taurine 1250mg
Glucuronelactone 1000mg
L-Tyrosine 750mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 275mg
Amentoflavone 100mg
Theobromine 50mg

Iron Forged Nutrition Most Wanted

Iron Forged Nutrition Most Wanted Most Wanted is utilizing to of the most potent natural compounds available today for an unrivaled product. Safe for Women/Men and anyone healthy enough to undergo a workout routine over the age 18. We feel that Most Wanted will be the product that everyone has longed for, something natural that provides great results as close to steroids as you can get without the negative health consequences, in fact it could provide many positive health benefits which we will talk about more below.

The first ingredient is 5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin which has been complexed with cyclodextrin for an unheard of level of absorption until now. Yielding an A/A ratio similar to that of Anavar, studies have shown protein synthesis to be increased up to 200%. Which is key for tissue acquirement and efficient recovery, which is amazing for a natural product. Many use Laxogenin for injury and surgery repair as it has shown to regenerate the healing process by 10 fold.  It is currently being tested for shoulder repair, knee surgery and general anabolic regeneration issues related to aging. Laxogenin also controls cortisol very well which is an extremely catabolic hormone that we want to control as athletes, additionally it has shown to be anti-inflammatory which is always a benefit to the hard training individual. Users will also experience body fat reduction while using this compound from the balancing of cortisol response which is key to healthy recovery and reduction of muscle wasting and increasing thyroid function along with balancing glucose levels. The catabolic, or destruction of mature healthy cells, has been a problem for researchers and nothing on the market has shown to  be better for repairing or regenerating cellular decline than Laxogenin. So what causes it to work? Laxogenin signals muscle cells into an anabolic state, promoting nitrogen retention and utilizing more of your protein intake for lean tissue. Laxogenin also exhibits an adaptogenic effect that works with your physiological systems for your own needs. In turn, this permits anabolism and will take your physique and performance to new levels.

The second compound utilized is 20-Beta Ecdysterone also complexed with cyclodextrin. Ecdysterone is great for promoting a positive nitrogen balance in the body, helping with tissue regeneration and strength increases at a more rapid rate, while helping maintain blood glucose levels which will allow you to absorb your nutrients more efficiently. It happens to exist as a compound in the herbs Rhaponticum/Leuzeae and Cyanotis vaga, and is therefore a naturally occurring phytochemical. Phew! Until recently; however, it was not easily available. Although Ecdysterone has been known and tested in Russia since 1988, it never received much attention because there existed no cost-effective way to extract it. Russian researchers and scientists had a very pure version developed, but it was costly…$20,000 per kilogram. The only other choice was Suma extract, which contained so little ecdysterone that it would have been ineffective as a viable ecdysterone-supplementation option. Within in the past few years (2000), companies specializing in the extraction of high potency compounds from herbs have developed a way to extract concentrated ecdysterone at a standardized up to 98%! The breakthrough technology, in-vitro cell cultivation, provided the needed purity and concentration of ecdysterone to make it a viable option for economical supplementation. This is great news for anyone wanting to increase lean muscle mass, decrease fat and improve performance.


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