Ecdysterone is a plant based steroid. It has been compared to dianabol when it comes nitrogen retention. That is pretty impressive considering there are virtually no side effects. The main issue with ecdysterone is the absorption and half-life which is why we brought to the market a cyclodextrin complexed ecdysterone. Cyclodextrin complexion means there is a 7 ring sugar molecule that is fat solubility On the inside and water soluble on the outside so it can carry a steroid or plant steroid because they are fat soluble through water soluble barriers to increase absorption and effectiveness. We have the special type of ecdy in our Ecdy ultra product as well as both of our most wanted products the black and regular version. Most wanted also contains a cyclodextrin complexed lax but that is a whole other topic. Ecdy is also known to increase work capacity , insulin sensitivity, oxygen efficiency, and healing.

If you and to read another well respected bodybuilders opinion on ecdy check out Dante Trudels blog post about ecdy below. He talks about a transdermal
Form to get around the absorption and half life which sounds great but I believe the cyclodextrin complexion works even better than transdermal in this case but it would be great to have both. Check out his blog post here :

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