Iron Forged Nutrition Top Products – Here is a quick video introducing Iron Forged Nutrition’s top products for 2020. Click Here To Check Out Our Video Most Wanted Black Series + Ecdy Ultra White Series: Utilizes the most potential natural compounds available today. It is safe for men + women and anyone who is healthy enough for physical exercise over the age of 18. Click here to purchase yours today! Iron Forged Nutrition Ecdy Ultra White Series – Ecdysterone is great for recovery, and allows you to absorb nutrients more efficiently, which helps with muscle building/recovery. If you want to read more on ecdy check our this blog post on the Iron Forged site. Click to purchase yours today! Most Wanted Original – Contains Cyclodextrin-complexed (it is absorbed better producing better results)5a-Hydroxy Laxogenin. Great for recovery. Also known to control cortisol, which is an extremely catabolic hormone. Laxogenin is also known to be an anti-inflammatory. Laxogenin – Natural cyclodextrin complexed compound. High dosed, no fillers. You can reduce the catabolic effects of cortisol allowing you to preserve your hard earned muscle tissue while reducing water retention, promoting faster fat loss lowering inflammation and balancing of blood glucose levels. Click here to purchase yours

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