Iron Forged Nutrition ContrabandV3


Iron Forged Nutrition Contraband v3 is a Nootropic formula that will increase your ability to tolerate pain while providing you with ingredients to create blood flow enhancement and allow you to to experience a euphoric effect that comes on smooth and leaves without a crash.  Improved cognitive function and ability that can be utilized by anyone from an MMA Fighter to a bodybuilder, to a Powerlifter, to a student looking to study, to a person just needing a midafternoon boost, or even a professional gamer looking to stay alert while playing at the highest levels!   This pre-workout has every ingredient synergistically planned to give you the best experience possible.

Here is the Formula Breakdown:
L-Citrulline- 6000mg
Agmatine Sulfate – 750mg
Glucoronolactone- 600mg
DMAE L – Bitartrate 400 mg
L-Phenylalanine 300mg
Caffeine Anhydrous-275mg
Alpha GPC 50% extract – 250mg
Bacopa Monnieri -250mg
N-acetyl L- Tyrosine -225mg
Amentoflavone 20% -200mg

Other Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavor, citric acid, silicon dioxide, malic acid, sucralose, masking agent, bitterness blocker, ace k






Iron Forged Nutrition ContrabandV3

Iron Forged Nutrition Contrabandv3 is a Nootropic formula that will increase your ability to tolerate pain while providing you with ingredients to create blood flow enhancement and allow you to to experience a euphoric effect that comes on smooth and leaves without a crash. Iron Forged Nutrition Contraband V3provides improved cognitive function and ability that can be utilized by anyone from an MMA Fighter to a bodybuilder, to a Powerlifter, to a student looking to study, to a person just needing a midafternoon boost, or even a professional gamer looking to stay alert while playing at the highest levels!   This pre-workout has every ingredient synergistically planned to give you the best experience possible.

Iron Forged Nutrition ContrabandV3 Here is the Formula Breakdown:
L-Citrulline- 6000mg
Agmatine Sulfate – 750mg
Glucoronolactone- 600mg
DMAE L – Bitartrate 400 mg
L-Phenylalanine 300mg
Caffeine Anhydrous-275mg
Alpha GPC 50% extract – 250mg
Bacopa Monnieri -250mg
N-acetyl L- Tyrosine -225mg
Amentoflavone 20% -200mg

Other Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavor, Citric Acid, Silicon Dioxide, Sucralose, Bitterness Blocker, Acesulfame Potassium

Iron Forged Nutrition –                          Contraband V3  

Iron Forged Nutrition Contraband V3 Nootropic Edition.  By Definition, Contraband is a highly sought-after product that is banned or illegal for import or export for one reason or another.   We bring you the newest version of Contraband, which will be considered one of the most efficient pre-workout formulas ever to hit the market.  It is perfect for just about anyone looking to boost performance, endurance, mental focus, mood, enhance cognitive function while learning, increase blood flow, and help increase your ability to tolerate pain.  Contraband was formulated with absolute performance in mind.  You will not find overloaded stimulants that constrict blood flow and cause an uncomfortable, edgy feeling. In this formula, instead, you will find that we used ingredients that complement one another and work together to get the most out of 275mg of caffeine contained in a single scoop. We created a newly revamped Contraband with the intent to improve your mental strength while still delivering unsurpassed blood flow with a mood-lifting sense of awareness.   It is like the calm before the storm.   You are preparing yourself for whatever you want to do at your best, whether it’s lifting weights, MMA, Boxing, Running, Gaming, or even just studying or learning.  Many will buy this just like any pre-workout, but once you feel the cognitive effects and the boost in your mood, you will be ready to take on your most challenging tasks.  Contraband users know that one of the best parts of using Contraband is the smooth, steady energy without the crash. This formula still delivers that and will have you mentally able to think clearly without hesitation. The focus is unlike anything else out there.  We hope you enjoy this formula as much as we do!  It is exactly what I dreamed it would be when we started to develop it.  

Iron Forged Nutrition ContrabandV3 L-Citrulline- 6000mg helping boost nitric-oxide levels, dilating your blood vessels, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to be shuttled to your muscles. It also plays a role in removing ammonia and lactic acid, a compound that is known to cause exercise-related fatigue, allowing you to last longer in the gym and in the bedroom!  We use the actual L – Citrulline, not the l-citrulline malate, which is easier to get and is usually found in a 2:1 ratio, meaning less authentic L-Citrulline.  Companies use the malate version because it is more accessible to source. In addition, they claim it increases the water solubility of L-citrulline, which is not necessary because L-Citrulline by itself is easily soluble up to 10g into about 8-10oz of water. This is why our product provides such suitable pumps and may not look like as much as some of the competition, but there is a big difference between 6g L-Citrulline and 6g of L-Citrulline Malate 2:1.  One more thing I would like to add is the fact that it is not possible to have malic acid bonded to L-citrulline. At least I have never seen proof of it, and the chemist friends I have all have said the same thing. So what is being done is L-citrulline powder is being added to malic acid in a 2:1 ratio, so you are not getting any added benefit. You are just getting less L-Citrulline.   

 Contraband contains Actual L-Citrulline at 6000mg per serving!!      

Iron Forged Nutrition ContrabandV3 Agmatine Sulfate – 750mg     This was a popular ingredient for blood flow a few years back but has since kind of died off.  We decided to use this ingredient because Agmatine does much more than increase blood flow. Agmatine has Nootropic properties. This is from it being a neuromodulator and neurotransmitter.  There is also some evidence to show that it may help with blocking pain and increasing pain tolerance.  A study shows that it reversed pain induced by inflammation and neuropathy, which is impressive, to say the least. [1] Agmatine Sulfate also can potentiate the analgesic effect of certain opiates via a2 adrenoceptor mediated mechanism. [2] Agmatine sulfate is an amino acid derived from L-arginine.  When L-arginine is decarboxylated, a process that results in the removal of a carboxylic acid group, it converts into agmatine sulfate. Agmatine sulfate is stored in neurons within the brain and gets released when those neurons are activated.   

Iron Forged Nutrition ContrabandV3 Glucuronolactone- 600mg – Helps detox and makes the stimulant effects come on more evenly and smoothly. It is known to supply energy and feelings of well-being. In addition, it is clinically proven to reduce sleepiness and sleep-related driving incidents and is widely known to improve mental performance, reaction time concentration, and memory. 

Iron Forged Nutrition ContrabandV3 DMAE L – Bitartrate 400 mg – This is an ingredient with a nootropic effect.  It is said to increase hand-eye coordination as well as learning ability.  DMAE Bitartrate, a natural cholinergic known as Dimethylaminoethanol or Deanol (as a face cream ingredient), is a precursor to a neurotransmitter known as Acetylcholine is believed to play a crucial role in memory retention.  DMAE is found in some foods such as anchovies, salmon, and sardines and naturally occurring in the human brain. However, the amount of DMAE produced by the brain is considered relatively small, and attempting to obtain it daily is generally inconsistent. Because of this, many people opt to take a DMAE supplement to optimize potential DMAE benefits to cognitive processes. DMAE works when taken at the correct dosage without the risk of any adverse effects. 

Iron Forged Nutrition ContrabandV3 L-Phenylalanine 300mg –   We included L-Phenylalanine due to its mood-enhancing properties.   It also increases the effect of N-Acetyl Tyrosine which helps Contraband feel more potent while using fewer ingredients and without using dangerous amounts when it comes to dosages.  L-phenylalanine is a form of Phenylalanine, which is an essential amino acid that is converted into phenylethylamine. Phenylalanine is necessary for health and proper bodily functions as an essential amino acid, but your body does not naturally produce it. Instead, you must get Phenylalanine from supplements and dietary sources.  As a nootropic, L-phenylalanine has been studied to have numerous potential benefits to your health and overall cognition. 

[3] Phenylalanine supplementation may contribute to overall cognitive well-being. Studies suggest that Phenylalanine may help to expand learning capacity, enhance alertness, and improve your memory.  Many L-phenylalanine benefits include how it helps with the creation of several important neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters Phenylalanine supports:  

Iron Forged Nutrition ContrabandV3 Norepinephrine, which may have a positive impact on cardiovascular health. Serotonin, which helps promote feelings of well-being. Melatonin, which is responsible for regulating natural sleeping and waking cycles.  These neurotransmitters are involved with mood balance. This suggests that Phenylalanine may help feelings of joy and well-being and support a more positive state of mind. This may help fight against stress.  Phenylalanine converts into phenylethylamine, which also encourages the release of norepinephrine. Studies show that phenylethylamine may primarily support feelings of well-being. These good feelings may also come with distinct boosts to cognitive processes, including: 

Memory formation 

Memory recall speed 

Learning capacity 

 Other studies suggest that phenylethylamine may encourage improved mental clarity, a longer attention span, and greater concentration and focus on tasks.  Phenylalanine also leads to the creation of tyrosine. Studies have found that tyrosine may be essential to proper metabolic function and help reduce overall body fat. Other studies have also found that tyrosine shows powerful stress management properties.  When you take Phenylalanine, it is converted into other amino acids, particularly tyrosine and phenylethylamine. Phenylethylamine is considered a neurotransmitter or neuromodulator and directly affects the release of norepinephrine, epinephrine, and serotonin. Tyrosine is a precursor to several similar neurotransmitters. [3] 

 Caffeine Anhydrous-275mg – Caffeine is used as a performance aid. It delivers positive effects on performance as increased energy levels, reaction times, alertness, and improvements in endurance. Allowing the trainer to push past normal levels of intensity and fatigue by stimulating the CNS.   We don’t use extreme amounts of caffeine like many other companies do in their pre-workout formulas.   Not because we don’t believe they have their place but because that is not what this pre is about.   This pre-workout is based on overall mental and physical performance.  Adding in too much caffeine or other heavy stimulants causes blood vessel constriction, a racing heart rate, and increased Blood pressure.   That will hurt endurance and overall performance in the end.  This formula is excellent for many different types of people.  Whether you are an athlete, a fighter, a weightlifter, powerlifter, strongman, bodybuilder, runner, gamer, looking for a healthier alternative to canned energy drinks, looking to use it study, or give you a mid-afternoon boost, this pre-workout will work great for you!  

 Alpha GPC 50% extract – 250mg- Chlorogenic response increases choline for mental focus, memory, and a nice Nootropic effect.   Alpha-GPC is a naturally occurring compound found in our brain and in some food sources, including eggs, dairy, meat, and fish. Alpha-GPC, also known as alpha-glycerylphosphorylcholine and choline alfoscerate, can be produced synthetically or derived from natural sources.  Alpha-GPC is a choline-containing nootropic compound with much anecdotal evidence suggesting it may help athletic and cognitive performance. One study shows Alpha-GPC powder benefits brain health. Some of the benefits Alpha GPC can potentially provide includes:   

Improved athletic and cognitive performance – Some scientific research on rodents and anecdotal evidence suggest that Alpha-GPC may support cognition in healthy adults. 

Brain Health – A 1994 clinical trial in Italy of more than 2,000 people showed that Alpha-GPC benefits overall brain health. Varying doses over six months resulted in statistically significant improvement in cognition in three of four measurement scales. The typical dosage for Alpha-GPC 50% Powder is 250mg to 1000mg daily.    Alpha-GPC is a hygroscopic compound, which means it draws in moisture from the air around it, physically changing it from a powder to a gel-like substance when not stored properly. While this hygroscopic effect doesn’t necessarily mean the product has degraded, it is a sign of improper storage.  Do not leave in a hot car or gym bag with wet gym clothes or any place with excessive moisture because it can cause some clumping or causing The Alpha GPC to gel up.   Alpha-GPC 50% Powder is an excellent option for anyone who lives in a humid climate because it is less likely to clump than a higher purity Alpha GPC powder.  [4] 

 Bacopa Monnieri -250mg-   

Bacopa Monnieri is a herb native to wetlands and other marsh-like regions of nearly every continent, but most prominently in southern and eastern India. The Bacopa monnieri plant has been used for centuries and referenced in Ayurvedic texts dating back to the 6th century AD.  Bacopa monnieri has been traditionally used to support cognitive function and promote longevity.  Bacopa monnieri is also considered an adaptogen. Adaptogens are compounds that help rebalance the body and brain when they are undergoing mental and physical stress. As the name indicates, adaptogens help you adapt to the stressors around you. Many people have reported experiencing Bacopa monnieri brain benefits in addition to reduced stress effects after taking a Bacopa monnieri supplement. Today, Bacopa monnieri is being clinically studied for its efficacy in promoting cognitive function. 

 Bacopa Monnieri Benefits and Uses:  

        May help support cognitive function 

        May help promote healthy stress levels 

        May help support healthy sleep patterns 

        May help promote feelings of well being 

 The mechanisms of action for Bacopa and other adaptogens are still being researched. Still, modern research has discovered that Bacopa monnieri interacts with serotonergic systems to promote neuron communication via supporting the growth of dendrites. Even though Bacopa monnieri has been used for thousands of years, modern research is now starting to understand better the components that make Bacopa monnieri effective. The compounds believed to be responsible for Bacopa monnieri benefits are the bacosides.  Bacosides are only found in the Bacopa monnieri plant itself and believed to be largely responsible for Bacopa monnieri benefits, which is why a high bacoside content is important.  Research has found that bacosides act on serotonin receptors, which has led scientists to believe that the serotonergic effects are largely responsible for the positive effects Bacopa can have on mood and cognitive function. It is also generally recommended to take Bacopa monnieri with a meal, and preferably with a fat source since bacosides are fat-soluble and require a lipid transporter to be absorbed. Historically, bacopa monnieri was often consumed with ghee or some other animal fat to help with absorption.  Several trials have been conducted to evaluate Bacopa benefits on cognition. In a few of these trials, cognitive benefits were determined to be significant after a month of Bacopa supplementation. Other studies have shown that these benefits are even more pronounced after 8-12 weeks of supplementation. Alongside its use to promote cognition, research has found that Bacopa may help benefit sleep and mood patterns. Ayurvedic texts show that Bacopa monnieri was also used to promote sleep and rest in traditional Indian use. Some researchers attribute Bacopa monnieri sleep benefits and Bacopa mood benefits to its adaptogenic properties.  We believe the Bacopa Monnieri has something to do with the feel-good effect users experience when they take Contraband.   It is almost a euphoric effect for the first 20-30 minutes of consuming a whole serving.   This is due to the ingredients working synergistically together to increase your body’s feel-good chemicals.  

 N-acetyl L- Tyrosine -225mg- This ingredient is synergistic with Phenylalanine and increases dopamine output, adrenaline, and noradrenaline release, as well as boosting thyroid hormones.  N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine supports working memory, mental flexibility, and information processing. Supports adaptation to stressful circumstances. 

N-acetyl-L-tyrosine (NALT) is an acetylated form of the amino acid L-tyrosine. NALT (as well as L-tyrosine) is used as a nootropic because it acts as a precursor for the vital brain neurotransmitter dopamine. Dopamine has a significant role in brain activities linked to reward, motivation, and pleasure and plays a crucial part in modulating focus, motivation, cognitive flexibility, and emotional resilience. In addition to these creative-productive capacities and states, dopamine is one of the primary regulators of motor control and coordination of body movements, so it is also essential for exercise and muscle performance. Supplying NALT (or other sources of L-tyrosine) for cognitive support may be especially useful when participating in more demanding or stressful tasks. [5] Oral NALT has increased brain levels of L-tyrosine. [6] N-acetyl-L-tyrosine (NALT) is an acetylated form of the amino acid L-tyrosine; it has better solubility in water, so it is a more functional form than L-tyrosine for use in liquids.  Subjective feedback in the nootropic community suggests that NALT is experienced somewhat differently and often at much lower doses than the more commonly used L-tyrosine.  N-acetyl-l-tyrosine (NALT) seems to be experienced slightly differently (and often at lower doses) than L-tyrosine. NALT is interesting because the real-world experience of people taking it in the nootropic community does not match the bioavailability data. It is essential to consider bioavailability data but not place too much weight on it. Especially with ingredients like NALT, where almost all the bioavailability studies have been either in animals, non-oral dosing (i.v, i.p., etc.), and usually both. During our formulation and testing process, the NALT form has been additive in the context of a general nootropic formula at doses that are typically much lower than would be expected based on bioavailability data and research on L-tyrosine. We also believe that supplementation of tyrosine, no matter which form is used, is subject to threshold responses because tyrosine-induced increase in dopamine synthesis is regulated by end-product inhibition (i.e., once the optimal level is reached, higher levels of tyrosine will no longer increase dopamine synthesis). [7]  


-Brain function 

-Supports working memory [17–23] 

-Supports cognitive flexibility [24]  

-Supports logical reasoning [18] 

-Supports mathematical processing [18] 

-Supports convergent (“deep”) thinking—a component of creativity [25]  

-Supports perceptual-motor task performance [19,26] 

-Supports inhibition of behavioral responses—a cognitive control function [27] 

-Precursor for catecholamine synthesis [dopamine, noradrenaline, and adrenaline][8]  

-Supports the rate of dopamine synthesis and release upon neuronal activation [9–14] 

-Supports norepinephrine synthesis and release upon neuronal activation [14–16] 

-Protects from neurotransmitter (DA, NE) depletion due to increased brain activity [5] 

-Protects from performance decline during cognitively demanding tasks [5] 

-Protects from the negative effects of stress on cognitive performance [19–22,26] 

-Protects from adverse behavioral responses to environmental stress [28] 

-Protects from stress-induced decreases in norepinephrine levels [29] 

-Protects from stress-induced increases in blood pressure [19,26]  

-Supports global mood [30] 

 Synergies-     Mucuna Pruriens, Phenylalanine, Phenylethylamine, Hordenine, Phosphatidylserine, Rhodiola Rosea, Vitamin C 

 Amentoflavone 20% -200mg- Known for its ability to enhance strength. Amentoflavone is proven to help fat loss and improve insulin sensitivity making it a versatile compound for bulking or cutting applications. In addition, Amentoflavone is a PDE-5 inhibitor, a highly known mechanism of vasodilatation for a crazy pump. Helps with blood flow, pain reduction, increases exertion, helps prevent cancer proliferation, increases mood, and contributes to actual strength output!  

 Iron Forged Nutrition Contraband Nootropic formula 

Supplement Facts 

Servings Size 1 Rounded Scoop 

Servings Per Container:10-20 servings per container 

Suggested use as a dietary supplement take one scoop 30 min prior to exercise. Please assess your tolerance by taking ½ serving 30min prior to your workout. Do Not exceed two whole serving over a 24 hour period. Do not use within 5 hrs before bedtime. Do not exceed more than 2 scoops in a 24 hour period. 

*Contents may settle. Shake container prior to each use. Store in a cool, dry place to prevent clumping and any discoloration 

 NEW CONTRABAND PRE-WORKOUT – Nootropic Formula is a Nootropic formula that will increase your ability to tolerate pain while providing you with ingredients to create blood flow enhancement and allow you to to experience a euphoric effect that comes on smooth and leaves without a crash.  Improved cognitive function and ability that can be utilized by anyone from an MMA Fighter to a bodybuilder, to a Powerlifter, to a student looking to study, to a person just needing a midafternoon boost, or even a professional gamer looking to stay alert while playing at the highest levels!   This pre-workout has every ingredient synergistically planned to give you the best experience possible.    Here is the Formula Breakdown:  

 L-Citrulline- 6000mg 

Agmatine Sulfate – 750mg    

Glucoronolactone- 600mg 

DMAE L – Bitartrate 400 mg 

L-Phenylalanine 300mg 

Caffeine Anhydrous-275mg 

Alpha GPC 50% extract – 250mg 

Bacopa Monnieri -250mg 

N-acetyl L- Tyrosine -225mg 

Amentoflavone 20% -200mg 

Other Ingredients: Natural and Artificial Flavor, citric acid, silicon dioxide, malic acid, sucralose, masking agent, bitterness blocker, ace k 



Agmatine reverses pain induced by inflammation, neuropathy, and spinal cord injury 

Carolyn A. Fairbanks, Kristin L. Schreiber, Kori L. Brewer, Chen-Guang Yu, Laura S. Stone, Kelley F. Kitto, H. Oanh Nguyen, Brent M. Grocholski, Don W. Shoeman, Lois J. Kehl, Soundararajan Regunathan, Donald J. Reis, Robert P. Yezierski, George L. Wilcox 

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Sep 2000, 97 (19) 10584-10589; DOI: 10.1073/pnas.97.19.10584  


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Atomic Apple, Electric Watermelon, Forbidden Fruit, Orange Crush, Sunset Sherbet


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